Tenancy Cleaning

How to Save Money on End of Tenancy Cleaning

There is no way around end of tenancy cleaning if you hope to get your tenancy deposit back. The best you can do is get good end of tenancy cleaning prices so that you have some money left. The trick lies in getting good prices for a good job. This is because some cleaning services will quote low prices but then do shoddy work. This raises a dispute from the landlord and you are very likely to repeat the job and lose the little you had saved. How can you save money on end of tenancy cleaning and yet have good work done?

Get the right referrals

If you call up the first number you see in the ads, it is likely you will get a high quote as the cleaning service hopes to negotiate you gradually downwards. If you have never paid for these services again, you will not be in a position to negotiate well. A referral on the other hand, will be gentler on you when quoting the price.

There are several sources for good referrals. Colleagues at work are good sources if you are in an office with many people. Someone will know someone who has moved or who offers end of tenancy cleaning.

Your landlord is also a good source. This is even better as the landlord would not recommend a suspect cleaning service knowing very well that a shoddy job will lead to a dispute. There are the social networks too. A simple request will draw tens of recommendations.

Scrutinise the price quotes

It is easy for a price that was quoted low to come up on the account of hidden add-ons. This could be taxes or extra charges that for services that you assumed would not be charged. This is very common especially for bathroom chores. What appears in the invoice could be very different from what was in the price quote. It is advisable to go through the price quote thoroughly and have a clear understanding on the scope of work. This will avoid disputes when the job is complete.

Negotiate hard

The good thing is that there are many cleaning services offering end of tenancy cleaning services.  You are bound to get one that will fit your budget.  Even then, negotiate hard for lower prices.

It is possible to get good end of tenancy prices if you look around and consider several offers. If you have the time, use the tips above and save money on end of tenancy cleaning.