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Global Refining Strategies, Houston 2008

Improving Operational Performance To Secure Future Profitability

Main Conference Program : October 27th & 28th, 2008
Heavy Crude Focus Session: October 29th, 2008

Marriott Woodlands, Houston, Texas

Global Refining Strategies, Houston 2008 brings together the world’s refining leaders to explore strategies that can be implemented to improve the long-term value of the refining business in the face of tighter environmental mandates, market uncertainties and heightened security measures.

Key topics:

  • Analyzing and forecasting the current global supply/demand issues and the strategies refineries are putting in place to keep up with fluctuations
  • Maximizing refining profits: examining innovative strategies to cost effectively operate in a challenging business climate
  • Assessing the impact of the Energy Independence & Security Act (EISA) and the long term impact this will have on your operations
  • Capitalizing on environmental issues: understand how you can maximize CO2 capture and the technologies you will need to be successful
  • Analyzing the latest innovations and developments in refining technology: understanding best practice for debottlenecking and upgrading ‘bottom of the barrel’
  • Preparing for the biofuels influx: identifying the potential of the biofuels market within the refining industry and the steps needed to be taken to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Understanding the current market dynamics and the impact on your refining operations: Identifying the world wide strategy, including perspectives from India, Russia, Latin America and how this can affect the global supply/demand issues